The Difference

Do you want your surgeon supervising your surgery or performing it?

The Differnce - Dr. Rajiv Datta

Most patients when faced with the diagnosis of cancer are overwhelmed. They often travel great distances for their care to get to the city, assuming they are doing so in order to obtain the best available care. Their loved ones want only the best for them. Only the top surgeon in the field will do. However, what they are not aware of is that the top surgeon they wait weeks for an appointment with may not be the surgeon who is actually performing their surgery. Instead he may be supervising the fellows in training while their loved one is on the table. Someone their loved one has never met, someone who is not board certified. Someone in training.

At Mount Sinai South Nassau, Dr. Rajiv Datta is the director of our Surgical Oncology Program. He personally performs each and every surgery on his patients. Dr. Datta combines his highly technical skills with a compassionate outlook towards each patient. Personal connections are made with both patient and family allowing for comfort and reassurance in a time of great stress and emotion. Life altering decisions are being made and Dr. Datta guides his patients throughout every phase of their journey towards a cure.

When you schedule your appointment, the staff will ask you to have your records faxed to our office as soon as possible. This is requested so that we can accordingly schedule those patients in need of an urgent visit. On the day of your visit, you may need to bring original or copies of your radiology studies - for example, CAT scans, mammograms, sonograms or PET scans.

When making a decision for yourself or your loved one, you only want the best. At Mount Sinai South Nassau we assure you that Dr. Datta will be there for you before, during and after your surgery.

Patient Testimonials

"In February of this year, my husband was diagnosed with Gastroesophageal Cancer. Needless to say, we were overwhelmed. I was directed to Dr. Datta and Dr. Andaz. by Dr. Nisha Sethi. She told me I couldn't get better care anywhere than with these two physicians. We can't begin to express our gratefulness to Dr. Datta and Dr. Andaz. Their surgical skills are beyond reproach. To know that these two physicians are in our community has made this long and arduous journey much easier to bear. Every time I hear their names mentioned on the radio, I smile to myself, thinking you're not kidding. They are the best and they're right here in Nassau County." --Patient from Oceanside

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